An Internet-Based Treasure Hunt
Created by
Meredith Mumford
Living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland hurricanes can be a problem.  Today we are going to learn a little more about these dangerous works of nature!  Answer the following questions, on your notebook paper, by clicking on the link that is provided in the question (the word(s) which are underlined).  When you have finished, answer the Big Question at the bottom of the page.  Remember that the Big Question is asking you to apply the knowledge that you have gained.


  1.   What are hurricanes?
  2.   What is the most deadly effect of a hurricane?
  3.   What is the difference between a hurricane warning and a hurricane watch?
  4.   What is a Category III hurricane mean?
  5.   What disaster supplies should you have on hand?
  6.  What are some steps in preparing a personal evacuation plan?
The Big Question
One night while watching the news you see a storm warning saying that a hurricane warning is in effect.  Hurricane Mark is a Category III hurricane.  Develop a safety plan, include the information you have gathered while conducting your treasure hunt, detailing how you would ensure your family's safety when Hurricane Mark hits.

Extra Credit
Are there any hurricanes predicted for our area?
(Click on the Hurricane icon and look on the yellow streamer below it)